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Fantastic Foliage Concentrate
Fantastic Foliage Concentrate

Fantastic Foliage Concentrate

Size 0.5oz (25+ Plants)

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Offering concentrates allows for a more ecofriendly and cheaper option than traditional ready-to-use products. We think shipping extra water seems silly when a tiny vial could do the trick.

Available in different sizes to cover any size collection:

  • 0.5oz helps keep 25 or more houseplants shiny, fed, and pest free all month.
  • 1oz cover over 50 of those botanic beauties.
  • Product contains: Water, castile soap, fertilizer, neem and other essential oils.
  • Warning: Wash hands after use. Do not touch eyes, face or mouth while in use. Keep away from pets and children.
  • Best when used within 30 days of opening. Please be sure to seal bags shut prior to storage. Store product in a dry area.